How To Trademark The Metaverse

The metaverse is a future dreamed of by tech giants and forward thinkers. It’s a digital wardrobe, a virtual meeting with avatars, a digital version of your intellectual property. As unique non-fungible tokens emerge, companies feel like they’re scrabbling to protect their products in the wake of metaverse technology.

Brand Protection Technology Keeps A Product Digitally Unique

Brand protection technology like Authena allows your product to have a digital and encrypted seal that tracks that item’s journey through the metaverse. That individual item has its own protected journey from warehouse through to customer. Brand protection technology is only usable while connected to that product, and near field communication technology means that when that product is in the vicinity, its digital progress is tracked in a secure way.

Additional Protection Against Cloning Or Replication

A digitally unique product may sound impossible, but thanks to cutting-edge encryption technology, brand protection tools can truly prevent cloning or replication. Information in the product-specific digital seal is encrypted and only usable when connected to the product. As soon as someone removes the seal from the item – like a customer – that seal will no longer function. This prevents counterfitters from trying to clone or replicate your digital seal to make their physical product seem like yours.

Your Product Information At A Glance

Brand protection technology not only makes it easy to trademark your item in the virtual world, but makes it even easier for the customer to view information relating to your product. With a quick glance on their smartphone, you can view the expiry dates, ingredients and allergy information for a FMCG. Improved customer accessibility will directly benefit your revenue, with almost 20% of customers willing to pay a premium price for a better purchasing experience. Easily available product information such as freshness will also show your customers that you have confidence in the quality of your items.

Show Your Customers You Are Secure Tech Experts

One of the added benefits of being an early adopter of brand protection technology is that you can carve yourself a niche as a tech expert. Trademark your brand in the digital world and show your customers that your company is forward-thinking and also able to protect their own private data. Almost 70% of customers don’t trust companies to protect their personal data, so brand protection technology showcases your company’s reputation as tech experts that can protect their private information. If you can prove that you are evolving ahead of the potential risks of the digital age, customers will trust the integrity of your products too.


Adapting your tech to handle the metaverse is an essential way to develop ahead of other businesses. Late adopters of brand protection technology are vulnerable to counterfeiters and fraudsters. Protect your trademark in the metaverse with brand protection tools that give your brand a unique virtual identity. With all your product information in one easy place, customers will have a better experience and trust you more as a result. 

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